George Haligua on Poverty in Third World

mr haligua feels that this is a tragic event - Sudanese children die of malnutrition every day, this situation can easily be avoided with some basic human care and proper hygiene practices. They need immediate food and water supplies, which is why we have decided to write and try to get people's attention turned to this issue as soon as possible. The George Haligua foundation was created to help these children overcome any illness and provide food shelter and water to the thousands of World Vision has a strong administration with a solid foundation of volunteer workers keeping their overhead costs below the 30% threshold, making themselves an ideal candidate for donations. malnourished children of Uganda.

But the foundation helps more than children in third world countries, it is also very active in Canada, and specifically in the greater Montreal area where mr Haligua lives. There are many reasons why the foundation exists, but it is basically a way for us to give back to the community that helped us become who we are today - without this support it would have been difficult to have the blessed lives we live. Thanks to the canadian government, we are also able to use our money and time to help through other charitable organizations such as oxfam and world aide vision, as well as unicef and many other large organizations that provide relief to countries in dire need. The George Haligua Foundation goes through a strict verification process with charitable organizations to ensure that any funding will be used with maximum efficiency. To make certain funds will be used towards a particular endeavor, the George Haligua Foundation asks the chosen organization to provide an overview of their operating costs--usually they should not exceed 30%.

Some of the other activities led by the foundation are related to funding high school programs that help children develop their special abilities through after school programs where they learn gymnastics and baseball, fishing, kungfu, wrestling, and macrame. The George Haligua Foundation makes many kids lives much better by providing them the chance they never got through the regular channels.

Direct funding of organizations such as World Vision has proven to be a great success. Charitable organizations whose operating costs are over 30% frequently get declined as the impacts of the donation are lessened and the end result diluted.

George Haligua the writer